Kangana Ranaut vehemently rebukes Diet Sabya’s assertion that she harbors disdain towards fashion, asserting, “I exude impeccable style even within the confines of my slumber.”

Renowned for her unrivaled stature in the esteemed realm of Bollywood, the luminary Kangana Ranaut has carved an indelible niche through her unwavering toil and unwavering resolve. She has not only solidified her position as a multifaceted virtuoso but also garnered adulation from her ardent admirers for her unreserved candidness on the expansive platform of social media. In a recent development, she orchestrated a triumphant fête to commemorate the resounding success of her maiden production, Tiku Weds Sheru, extending her gracious hospitality to the entire production crew.

In this splendid affair, Kangana exuded resplendence, donning an exquisite ensemble comprising an off-shoulder gown embellished with a pink bodice, artfully complemented by an opulent, full-length orange skirt. To complete her enchanting visage, she elegantly secured her tresses in a tasteful ponytail, whilst her minimalistic makeup, characterized by smoky eyeshadow and assertive eyeliner, further accentuated her allure. Soon after the images from this grandiose soiree graced the public domain, the influential, albeit anonymous, social media fashion arbiter known as Diet Sabya unabashedly scorned the celebrated actress, alleging an antipathy towards fashion.

In the face of this provocation, the audacious 36-year-old icon chose not to demur. Rather, she shared a screenshot of the offending post, elucidating her ardent support for indigenous products. In her impassioned response, Kangana expounded, “I never proclaimed a disdain for fashion, my dear… Even when I retire to my nocturnal slumber, sartorial elegance is my constant companion. My singular aim is to foster the growth of Indian craftsmanship. We must invest in our own prosperity and promote the magnificence of Made in India. This resplendent attire, a testament to our unparalleled prowess, proudly exemplifies our ability to rival the best on the global stage.”

Turning to her professional endeavors, the illustrious Kangana Ranaut is poised to grace the silver screen in her forthcoming opus, Emergency, wherein she undertakes her inaugural foray as a solitary director. Immortalizing the role of India’s late Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, this cinematic venture chronicles the tumultuous epoch of the mid-70s emergency period, precipitated by the erstwhile premier. Additionally, Kangana has a multitude of ambitious projects in the pipeline, including Tejas, helmed by RSVP Movies, the highly anticipated Chandramukhi 2, and the sequel to her triumphant directorial debut, Manikarnika Returns: The Legend Of Didda.

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