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Born on the 4th of August 1981, Shama Sikander Ali Gesawat stands as an Indian Bollywood actress renowned for her commanding presence. Her mark on the entertainment canvas finds its pinnacle through her captivating lead roles in prominent TV series, including the acclaimed Yeh Meri Life Hai. Additionally, her talents shine bright in the world of short films, where her performance in Sexaholic garnered attention and praise. Further solidifying her place in the industry, she graced the mini-series Maaya: Slave of Her Desires with her dynamic portrayals.

Sikander’s journey through the cinematic landscape extends to the illustrious realm of Bollywood. She has left an indelible imprint in numerous Bollywood films, with her debut being the 1999 venture Mann, which featured the notable Aamir Khan. Her cinematic prowess continued to flourish over the years, making her a recognizable face on the silver screen.

One of her recent silver screen endeavors, the Bollywood thriller titled Bypass Road, reached audiences on the 8th of November 2019. With this release, Sikander showcased her ability to immerse herself in diverse roles, contributing her skills to the ever-evolving landscape of Indian cinema.

The Bold, The Sexy, and The Beautiful

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Shama Sikander Ali Gesawat emerges as a captivating embodiment, evoking the very essence of a resplendent Greek Goddess reborn. This truth resonates boldly through her Instagram presence, a gallery brimming with audacious beauty, where inhibition finds no sanctuary. The tapestry she weaves unfurls with seamless perfection, from her daring photoshoots to candid personal moments.

Her skin, a testament to its flawless nature, stands as a living confirmation of her ethereal connection to the Greek deity of sensuality, a reincarnation unswervingly attuned to the allure of the divine. A canvas adorned with naked body art finds its muse in her, an exquisite harmony of form and expression.

Unapologetically herself, Shama thrives in a collection of attire that she dons with panache. From the snug embrace of tights to the grace of pencil skirts, and the sexiness of Chemises and hot pants, each garment seems to bow to her inherent magnetism, as if tailored solely for her captivating presence.

In the realm of beauty and boldness, Shama Sikander Ali Gesawat reigns supreme, a modern embodiment of timeless allure.

Early Life

Born in Makrana, Rajasthan, India, Shama Sikander first entered this world as a testament to the union of Gulshan, her mother, and Sikander Ali Gesawat, her father. A pivotal chapter in her life unfolded at the tender age of 9 when her family relocated to Mumbai, Maharashtra, alongside her younger siblings: Khalid, Rizwan Sikander, and Salma (born 1991). The bustling cityscape of Mumbai became their shared canvas, a place where their destinies would unfurl.

Sikander’s recollections unveil a challenging narrative, particularly during those early Mumbai years. The family weathered through periods when sustenance itself was scarce, and the echoes of hardship resonated deeply. This era etched an indelible mark upon her, with instances where the cupboard bore emptiness, and the table echoed hollowness.

With a backdrop of constant relocation, Shama Sikander’s academic journey was a kaleidoscope of change. Amidst the diverse locales of Makrana and the sprawling landscapes of Greater Mumbai, from Malad to Mumbra, from Thane to Andheri, she embarked on an odyssey across as many as nine schools. These shifting chapters in her education painted the picture of resilience, adaptability, and an unyielding thirst for knowledge.

Having triumphed over these formative challenges, she reached a milestone upon completing the 10th grade, clinching success in the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education examination. This achievement laid the foundation for her next endeavor—the Roshan Taneja School of Acting in Mumbai. In the year 1995, she embraced her passion for the dramatic arts, stepping into this institution that would mold her talents. A year of intensive training passed, and in 1996, she emerged from the crucible as a graduate, ready to chart her course in the realm of acting.

Shama Sikander’s journey, marked by struggle, adaptation, and dedication, stands as a testament to the transformative power of perseverance and the unyielding pursuit of one’s dreams.

Her Career

Sikander embarked upon her cinematic journey on the grand stage, starting with modest roles in Prem Aggan (1998, Hindi) and Mann (1999, Hindi). These initial steps paved the way for her breakthrough as she assumed a supporting role in Ansh: The Deadly Part (2002, Hindi). The small screen then beckoned, unveiling her as the lead character “Pooja Mehta” in the well-received Sony TV drama Ye Meri Life Hai (2003-2005). This portrayal garnered accolades aplenty, securing her triumphs like the coveted “Best Actress” award at the 12th Annual Lion’s Gold Awards (2005), the “GR8! Face of the Year” distinction at the Indian Television Academy Awards (2004), and the honor of “Best Debut” (2004).

Her career path saw diversions as Sikander ventured into anchoring, gracing shows like Popkorn Newz (2007) and Jet Set Go (2008). Soon, the call of cinema drew her back, placing her in the lead role of “Jiya” in Dhoom Dadakka (2008). This marked her return to the silver screen with a prominent position. Notably, she would go on to take the reins of the supernatural thriller TV series Seven (2010-2011 Hindi), assuming the titular role of “Shunyaa,” a production under the illustrious banner of Yash Raj Films. Her formidable talents also found their place as she portrayed the lead antagonist “Byankar Pari” in the children’s program Baal Veer (2012–2014) on SAB TV.

As Sikander sought her foothold in Mumbai’s bustling Bollywood industry, she exhibited unswerving determination, commuting arduous hours daily from the city’s outskirts to attend auditions. Throughout this phase, her brother, Rizwan Sikander, a fellow actor, stood as a steadfast companion.

A pivotal turning point manifested when Sikander’s film journey ignited at the tender age of 16 with her debut in the Hindi-language feature film Prem Aggan (1998), a creation of acclaimed filmmaker Feroz Khan. Remarkably, a screen test propelled her into the role, impressing Feroz Khan himself, leading to her casting despite the part being previously assigned. Despite the film’s considerable anticipation and its introduction of Feroz Khan’s son Fardeen Khan, it met critical and commercial disappointment. Yet, Sikander’s screen presence was hailed by a discerning critic, who noted her appeal to the viewers’ eyes.

A year later, Sikander made a cameo appearance in the Amir Khan-starrer Mann (1999 Hindi) as Kamini. Under the direction of Indra Kumar, the film garnered mixed reviews and a lukewarm reception at the box office. Nevertheless, akin to her debut, Sikander’s performance was lauded, with critics applauding her charm and emotional depth.

Ansh: The Deadly Part (2002) emerged as a pivotal milestone in Sikander’s journey, marking her first supporting role in a Hindi-language feature film. Embodying the character Kusum alongside south Indian actor Abbas, the film, crafted by Rukamanee Arts, triumphed at the box office, earning both financial success and positive critiques. Despite this achievement, Sikander’s return to the silver screen was deferred for six years following Ansh’s release.

Actress( 2003 — Present )

Sikander embarked on her cinematic journey by gracing the silver screen with minor roles in films like “Prem Aggan” (1998, Hindi) and “Mann” (1999, Hindi), gradually securing a pivotal position in “Ansh: The Deadly Part” (2002, Hindi). However, her breakthrough arrived on the television stage when she stepped into the shoes of “Pooja Mehta,” the central figure in the renowned Sony TV drama “Ye Meri Life Hai” (2003-2005). This performance became her gateway to recognition, amassing accolades including the coveted “Best Actress” award at the 12th Annual Lion’s Gold Awards (2005), the “GR8! Face of the Year” title at the Indian Television Academy Awards (2004), and the distinction of “Best Debut” (2004).

Sikander’s journey continued as she took the helm of “Popkorn Newz” (2007) and “Jet Set Go” (2008), ventures that preceded her triumphant return to the cinematic realm in the lead role of “Jiya” in “Dhoom Dadakka” (2008). As the reel curtains unfurled, she graced the supernatural thriller TV series “Seven” (2010-2011 Hindi) with her presence, portraying the enigmatic “Shunyaa,” a character etched against the backdrop of Yash Raj Films’ creative prowess. Another remarkable portrayal emerged as she donned the mantle of “Byankar Pari,” the central antagonist in the beloved children’s show “Baal Veer” (2012–2014) on SAB TV.

The road to Bollywood stardom was no easy path for Sikander, who embarked on the auditions trail with unwavering determination, often making the arduous journey from the outskirts of Mumbai to the heart of the industry’s hub. Accompanied by her brother, Rizwan Sikander, an actor in his own right, the duo left no stone unturned in their pursuit of success.

Sikander’s cinematic debut unfolded at the tender age of 16, a significant moment etched in 1998 with the release of the Hindi-language film “Prem Aggan.” Feroz Khan, a luminary of the film fraternity, recognized her potential during a screen test, leading to her inclusion in the movie’s cast. Despite the film’s ambitious expectations, it met both critical and commercial disappointment. Nevertheless, Sikander’s charisma captured the attention of critics, with one praising her “friendly to the viewers’ eyes” demeanor.

A year later, Sikander made a brief appearance in the Amir Khan starrer “Mann” (1999, Hindi) in a cameo as Kamini. Although the film received mixed reviews and didn’t shine at the box office, Sikander’s performance drew praise once again. Mohammad Ali Ikram of Planet Bollywood lauded her as “pretty and emotive,” heralding her potential to shine as a distinguished performer.

In 2002, Sikander marked her foray into supporting roles with “Ansh: The Deadly Part,” co-starring alongside South Indian actor Abbas. The film, produced by Rukamanee Arts, earned both financial success and critical acclaim. This marked a high point in her cinematic journey, setting the stage for her next chapter—a hiatus from the big screen that spanned six years.

Designer ( 2010 — Present )

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Hot and Sexy Shama Sikander took a bold step into the world of women’s fashion on December 3, 2010. On this date, she unveiled her exclusive women’s wear fashion label, Saisha, in the upscale locale of Bandra West in Mumbai. The inauguration event, an affair of utmost prominence, garnered widespread attention. The presence of her intimate circle and Bollywood luminaries like Sushmita Sen and Jackie Shroff graced the occasion, adding to its allure.

Ever since that significant launch, Sikander’s journey in the fashion domain has been marked by a series of collection unveilings. More often than not, she confidently takes to the ramp herself, embodying the essence of her own creations. The runways have been graced by her designs on numerous occasions, solidifying her status as a creator to be reckoned with.

The reach of Saisha has transcended geographical boundaries. Beyond domestic showcases in events like Hyderabad Fashion Week and Mumbai’s prestigious Lakme Fashion Week, the brand has made its presence felt on the international stage. A noteworthy highlight was Saisha’s remarkable appearance in South Africa, a testament to its global appeal and recognition.

Sikander’s foray into fashion stands as a testament to her creative prowess and determination. From the inception of Saisha in the affluent backdrop of Bandra West to its resonance across runways, both at home and abroad, her journey remains an inspiration for those who dare to translate their vision into reality.

Film, Music, and Music Production

From 2012 to the present day, Shama Sikander has been an active force in the realms of film, music, and music video production.

In a strategic move in late 2017, Sikander opted to bifurcate her focus between performing and producing. This pivotal decision led her to establish Shama Sikander Films Pvt. Ltd., a Film and TV production company that has garnered recognition primarily for its captivating short film series, Ab Dil Ki Sunn.

Beyond her previous forays into music video appearances, particularly in Punjabi and various Indian languages, Sikander has ventured into the role of producer. Notably, she’s rumored to have crafted a music video of undeniable allure, starring herself and sharing the frame with her actor-musician boyfriend, Alexx O’Nell. The video’s centerpiece is O’Nell’s original English-language composition, a creation titled ‘Still on My Mind’. Though eagerly awaited, this maiden collaboration of theirs has yet to grace the public eye. Sources have also hinted at Sikander’s potential involvement in steering an entire English language album authored by O’Neill.

March brought a fresh stride for Shama Sikander as she made her mark in the music video realm once again. This time, she was cast in the music video for “Hawa Karda,” a creation of Koinage Records, sharing the screen with fellow TV actor Gaurav Bajaj. The track, sung by the renowned Punjabi vocalist Afsana Khan alongside Sahil Sharma, showcased Sikander’s continued exploration of the realm where music and visual storytelling intertwine.

Media — Irresistible Sex Appeal

Numerous sources have highlighted Sikander’s undeniable sex appeal, shining a spotlight on her rigorous fitness regimen, dietary practices, and impeccable style sensibilities. She has garnered substantial recognition, gracing the pages of countless magazine spreads and emerging as the cover star of GR8! Magazine on multiple occasions. The English Edition of the magazine showcased her elegance in March 2010, July 2006, and February 2005, while the Hindi Edition also celebrated her presence. Moreover, her allure adorned the cover of Showtime Magazine in December 2011. In a notable accolade, Perfect Woman Magazine crowned her the ‘Hottie of the Month’ in October 2011, and she earned the coveted ‘Perfect Woman Spotlight’ in May 2013. Sikander also shared her ‘Travel Diaries’ with Zing Magazine in March 2013.

Beyond her appearances in print and on the runway, Sikander has lent her support to renowned fashion labels and designers, including luminaries like Manish Malhotra & Shaina NC, Neeta Lulla, Nisha Jamvwal, and the internationally acclaimed Ritu Kumar. Notably, she has also contributed her creative prowess to her own brand, Saisha, spearheading the design development of women’s wear. Her deep involvement has earned her the title of a “fashion connoisseur.” Notably, her design expertise extended to curating wardrobes for various projects, including the enchanting Baal Veer.

Among her passions, kickboxing, power yoga, and dance claim prime spots. Sikander affirms, “Fitness has always been an integral part of my daily routine… I ensure that I work out every day for at least an hour… I eat right and think positive.”

Sikander’s diverse array of hobbies takes center stage in media portrayals. From her mastery of the violin to her artistic eye in photography and, most recently, her explorations in abstract painting, her multifaceted interests captivate attention.

Intriguingly, Sikander’s linguistic prowess is equally impressive, as she effortlessly converses in six languages: Hindi, English, Urdu, Gujarati, Marathi, and Marwadi, the language of her native Rajasthan.

Love Relationships Unveiled

Back in 2010, the world of Indian celebrity gossip was set ablaze by whispers connecting Sikander with actor Mimoh Chakraborty – a connection that both parties vehemently denied.

As the wheels of time spun forward into mid-2011, the spotlight of speculation turned towards Sikander’s interactions with American actor and musician Alexx O’Nell, who had taken up residence in India. Their public appearances grew in frequency, fueling curiosity. Sikander eventually confirmed their romantic involvement during an interview with Hindustan Times. However, this chapter reached its conclusion in January 2015, as Sikander and O’Neill decided to part ways.

Love Conquers All: In an exclusive conversation with India Today, Shama unveiled her heart’s secret. “Love was my compass, my North Star. Marriage, however, was a distant shore I hadn’t considered exploring,” she confessed, her words echoing with a blend of vulnerability and strength. With the wisdom earned from her life’s journey, she acknowledged that her perspective was shaped by the realities she had witnessed, a testament to her independent spirit.

The new year of 2016 ushered in a fresh chapter of Sikander’s romantic journey. News surfaced that she had become engaged to American businessman James Milliron in Dubai, UAE. And on the 14th of March, 2022, their union was solemnized through a Christian ceremony set against the picturesque backdrop of Goa.

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