Universe is Benign

My philosophy teacher once shared a profound insight that left an indelible mark on me: the universe, far from a capriciously hostile realm, actually holds a benevolent nature. Pausing to absorb this revelation, I found myself at a juncture in life where I could genuinely embrace it, even amidst the world’s trials.

Life bestows meaning upon every facet, with lessons concealed within each experience. Within adversity resides potential gain, and in obscurity, awaits a hidden boon. The depths of despair herald the arrival of a new dawn, while mortality magnifies the value of existence. The transition from old to the new, transformation from loss to gain, and the emergence of good from ill—these weave the fabric of life’s intricate design, where light inevitably triumphs.

Consider the cataclysmic upheaval of World War II—a harrowing abyss of horror. Yet, from those depths emerged a fervent human spirit that continues to illuminate our narratives. The staggering heroism, the unwavering resolve amidst the blitz, the heartening bonds of camaraderie, and the profound sacrifices of that era’s generation stand as awe-inspiring testaments. After two world wars, what were the spoils? Democracy’s reach, women’s liberation, the sunset of Western colonialism, the genesis of the United Nations, the birth of a European community, the advent of computing, the threshold of the space age, antibiotics, nuclear deterrence, the downfall of racial segregation in America—plus an upsurge of global peace and prosperity.

Two world wars spurred the elevation of human consciousness and the planet’s ascent. Granted, such depths weren’t necessary for this enlightenment; pyrrhic victories might be averted through timely evolution. Yet, ignorance and fear eventually propel us toward growth, illuminating the path of rectitude. In the words of Rumi, “What inflicts pain, bestows gain. Darkness becomes your beacon.” In contemporary terms, this signifies the transformation of ‘chaos into wisdom’.

This is how I’ve come to understand the universe’s benevolence. The divine design surpasses all imaginings. While we may diverge from its outline, such deviations are permissible. Our journey’s twists and turns lend complexity and poetry to our stories. Every wrong step serves as a tutor for our souls, ensuring we don’t lose our way in the future. As we illuminate the shadows of our trials, we reclaim fragments of ourselves—ancestral roots of karma—rebuilding our sense of completeness. It’s all an integral part of the grand design.

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