Akanksha Puri directly accuses Salman Khan of displaying bias. She asserts that Salman Khan spoke to her in a rude manner while treating Pooja differently.

Akanksha Puri made headlines soon after her eviction from Bigg Boss OTT 2. Prior to her eviction, she and Jad Hadid were involved in a lip-lock moment as part of a task, which generated significant gossip nationwide. Salman accused Akanksha of spreading false narratives within the house. Subsequently, Akanksha’s fans rallied in her support and criticized the host for ‘slut-shaming’ her.

In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, Akanksha Puri openly expressed her disapproval of Salman Khan referring to her as ‘fake alert’. The actress also disclosed that she was confined to jail for three days in BB OTT 2 simply for expressing her emotions.

Recalling the incident, Akanksha said, “I distinctly remember Salman sir’s words—fake alert. The manner in which he uttered them, the tone of his voice, it was unlike anything I had heard from him before. He berated me and made a huge issue out of it, rudely hurling various accusations at me, such as ‘these are crocodile’s tears.’ It appears that expressing my emotions was deemed a grave offense, resulting in my imprisonment for three days.”

Furthermore, she asserted that the game was never in her favor. Elaborating on this point, she revealed that Jad Hadid was initially supportive for three days but swiftly distanced himself once Salman informed him, ‘The public is not liking this angle. Your Manisha angle was better, and you are not in the right company with Palak and Akanksha.’

According to Akanksha, Salman’s actions have been influencing the mindset of the other housemates.

Regarding her personal struggles, Akanksha Puri felt subjected to judgment and questioned how being well-groomed, polished, educated, and refined automatically equated to being labeled as fake. She emphasized that while she hadn’t faced financial hardships, she had her own challenges.

Expanding on this, Akanksha shared, “Undoubtedly, I faced judgment. How does appearing well-groomed, polished, educated, and refined make me fake? It is my strength. If someone approaches me and says, ‘Oh, you have never experienced the struggles of Mumbai, never encountered problems,’ then I want to assert that they are correct. I express gratitude to my parents for that. I owe it to them because they shielded me from hardships since my childhood. Struggles can take various forms. I have encountered emotional struggles and relationship struggles. Financial struggle is not the sole indicator. I fail to comprehend how judgments can be based solely on appearances. Yes, I present myself well. I do not possess a financial struggle story, but I have faced my own battles.”

During the interview, Akanksha was asked whether she believed Pooja Bhatt was favoring Bebika in the game. In response, Akanksha stated that Pooja is wise and holds influence over others, but she did not intervene despite Bebika’s actions.

Akanksha mentioned that Pooja could have guided Bebika in the right direction, but she chose not to.

When questioned about Salman Khan’s alleged bias in Bigg Boss OTT 2, Akanksha stated that he is not biased. She further asserted that Pooja has an advantage due to her longstanding friendship with Salman, and he communicates with her differently.

Addressing this matter, Akanksha stated, “Not biased, but she has an advantage. Salman talks to her differently. They have been friends since childhood and know each other for a long time. Moreover, she is Pooja Bhatt. She ensures that everyone in the house recognizes her status as Pooja Bhatt. As she was part of the judging panel, she was aware of everything about each contestant. This grants her an added advantage.”

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