Dia Mirza expressed a desire for ownership of her German father’s possessions, stating firmly, “My step-brother inherited all of his belongings.”

Dia Mirza, the actor, recently disclosed her desire to possess some personal items of her late father and how she eventually found contentment with what she already had. During a recent interview, Dia reflected on her biological father, German artist Frank Handrich, who sadly passed away when she was only nine years old.

Dia’s mother, Deepa, is a Bengali interior designer. Dia’s parents, Frank and Deepa, separated when she was five years old. Subsequently, Frank started a new family, while Deepa married Ahmed Mirza from Hyderabad, and Dia adopted his surname.

In a candid conversation with Harper’s Bazaar, Dia expressed her longing for certain possessions that belonged to her father, which ultimately went to her step-brother. She recalled, “All of my father’s belongings went to my step-brother, who was born after he had left. Several years ago, my stepbrother visited Bombay to see my mother and me. While showing him around our house, we entered the corridor adorned with numerous photographs, including one of me as an infant with my parents. At that very moment, all the years of pain and longing for my father’s possessions vanished… I realized that what I possessed was even more valuable: my memories of him.”

In 2018, Dia traveled to Germany to meet her father’s extended family and reconnect with her ancestral roots. She graciously shared pictures of her visit and spent her days exploring her heritage. During an interview with Miss Malini, Dia fondly spoke about her father, saying, “When I was four years old, I felt a deep attachment to my father. He was my hero. In the movie Lage Raho Munna Bhai, there is a scene where I talk about how my father lied to me in a taxi ride with Jimmy (Shergil) and express my disappointment. In that scene, I refer to him as my hero because I always perceived my father as one.”

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