Race – Winning or Loosing?

Horse Race – Winning or Loosing?

It’s actually scary how fast this year went by. This reminds us how short life is – The mortal Humans.

The past eight months have been a difficult one for me personally. I’ve had to deal with a lot of things that came up like a boomerang in my personal life and was forced to make some major changes that were out of my control and eventually, I lost so much time during the mental wrestling. Naturally, it’s challenges like this that make me step back and really analyze all aspects of my life.

One thing I realized was how much I was letting work take over my life. Work has really been all that I’ve been focused on for the past few years. My life was my work. I literally could not go a single day without working – even if it was just to answer a few emails, check statistics, etc.

When the outcomes are not conducive we face depression.

If work was going well, I was happy. If it wasn’t, I was depressed. That kind of stuff may be okay for a while, but if you’re going on 5 years where your internal wiring is so dependent on the outcome of “work”, that can be extremely stressful, self-destructing, and life-killing.

I actually don’t know where I’m going with this. Except to say that. Find happiness in relationships or other things that you like the most. Work is not everything. And whatever you’re doing, or chasing, make sure you actually love doing it. Make sure the work itself fires you up, not just the outcome or monetary gain.

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