Ira Khan, Daughter of Aamir Khan, Attributes Her Depression to Genetic Factors

Ira Khan, the daughter of renowned actor Aamir Khan, has courageously opened up about her journey with mental health. In a recent candid interview, she bravely acknowledged a profound aspect of her struggles – self-imposed blame for her own depression, stemming from a belief instilled during her upbringing that sadness was the key to garnering affection from others. Sharing her thoughts with ETimes, Ira illuminated this internal turmoil she grappled with, owning up to her own share of responsibility for her emotional state. Simultaneously, she highlighted the genetic dimension of her depression, underscoring the intricate interplay of factors that influence her mental well-being.

Within the interview’s confines, Ira delved into the intricate tapestry of her upbringing, where she was inadvertently led to internalize the notion that only through sadness could she be worthy of love. Having often articulated her mental health journey on various social media platforms, she has gone a step further by establishing a center dedicated to mental health and overall well-being. The impact of her emotional ordeal has, indeed, been profound, and she herself acknowledged the nuanced complexity of depression. In her words, “Depression is a little complicated,” encapsulating its multilayered nature encompassing genetics, psychology, and societal dynamics.

Amidst her reflections, Ira highlighted the threads of her family history woven into her struggles. Her candid admission shed light on the generational legacy of mental health challenges within her lineage, tracing back to both her parents’ sides. She recounted the professional guidance she sought, revealing how her therapist identified pivotal moments in her life, one being her parents’ separation when she was tenderly young, as a potential catalyst.

The divorce of her father, Aamir Khan, from his first wife, Reena Dutta, in 2002 marked a seminal juncture in her life. Drawing from a reservoir of wisdom beyond her years, Ira clarified that she did not cast blame on her parents for her emotional tribulations. She eloquently expressed that while her parents had been transparent about the divorce’s significance, her personal lens had cast a different hue on the narrative, rendering her perception skewed.

A resounding refrain in her narrative is the self-blame that persisted like an unwelcome shadow. With unwavering conviction, she shared how she meticulously internalized a belief that her loveability was inherently tied to her sorrow. This perception, painstakingly developed since childhood and partly nurtured by media representations, served as a foundation upon which her struggles took root. Ira’s resilience shone through as she candidly revealed how she consciously molded herself into a person marked by sadness, driven by the misguided premise that it was her pathway to acceptance and affection.

Ira Khan’s voice resonates beyond the confines of her personal story. Her social media presence is a testament to her dedication to raising awareness about mental health. With unwavering resolve, she educates her audience about the intricacies of mental health challenges and imparts coping mechanisms. Her journey, marked by self-discovery, self-acceptance, and advocacy, serves as a beacon of hope for those navigating similar struggles.

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