Sex and Consent—Insights from the Kink Community

The idea of consent in the context of intimate relationships is now deeply ingrained in my approach to personal connections and how I navigate the world around me. The surge of the #MeToo movement affected me profoundly, not only due to the distressing tales of sexual assault and harassment but also because of the stories … Continue reading Sex and Consent—Insights from the Kink Community

36 Provocative Questions to Ignite Intimacy

In 2015, The New York Times published a comprehensive list of 36 increasingly intimate inquiries aimed at fostering a deep connection between unfamiliar individuals. This questionnaire emerged following the enthusiastic reception of Mandy Len Catron’s “To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This” essay featured in Modern Love, and it has been embraced as a … Continue reading 36 Provocative Questions to Ignite Intimacy

Arousal — The part of the Sexual Response Cycle

The sexual response cycle encompasses a series of physiological and emotional transformations that take place when an individual experiences sexual arousal and engages in sexually stimulating behaviors such as intercourse and masturbation. Understanding your body’s reactions at each phase of this cycle can strengthen your connections and aid in identifying potential causes of sexual dysfunction. … Continue reading Arousal — The part of the Sexual Response Cycle

You are Slut Shaming

Initiating a transformation in our societal ethos requires a fundamental shift in our personal conduct. By altering our actions, we can exemplify the conduct we wish to witness in an ideal realm—an environment void of derogatory “slut” labeling—inspiring others to follow our lead. Choosing to eschew such labeling entails refraining from assigning blame to any … Continue reading You are Slut Shaming

What is Slut Shaming?

Sexual condemnation involves the act of attributing the label of being excessively sexual, often directed towards females, with the intent of demeaning, intimidating, or persecuting them. The motivation behind such behavior is the perpetrator’s desire to elevate their own sense of dominance through the degradation of others. Instances of derogatory behavior known as slut-shaming encompass … Continue reading What is Slut Shaming?

Location of G Spot

The elusive G-spot, nestled a short distance within the vaginal anterior wall, has the potential to engorge arousal. Its nomenclature pays homage to the pioneering research of Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg, an expert in the realm of sexual and reproductive anatomy. This erogenous zone can exhibit heightened sensitivity, its responsiveness often escalating as desire courses through. … Continue reading Location of G Spot

Reignite the Sexual Union in Marriage

Amidst the darkened hours of the night, when shadows embrace and digital realms beckon, one may find solace in the glow of social media, using it as a veil to evade the profound intimacy shared with one’s beloved partner. Some might even resort to a charade of slumber, a calculated diversion from the intricate dance … Continue reading Reignite the Sexual Union in Marriage

30 Intimate Inquiries: Exploring Sex and Desires

“Intimate Inquiries: Exploring Sex and Desires” is a candid collection of 30 thought-provoking questions that delve into various aspects of human sexuality and intimacy. From early sexual education to preferences in the bedroom, these questions spark open and meaningful conversations between partners, fostering understanding and connection in a safe and respectful manner.

What is the frequency of fucking among couples? Is that sufficient?

What constitutes a “normal frequency” of sexual activity within a committed relationship? I’ve engaged in discussions with married couples over recent weeks, exploring their sexual behaviors, and the revelations were truly surprising. It’s essential to clarify that these couples I’ve conversed with are acquaintances of mine, both online and offline. Admittedly, the sample size is … Continue reading What is the frequency of fucking among couples? Is that sufficient?

Men like Face Sitting by Women During Sex — Cunnilingus

My partner has a special preference for an intimate act called facesitting. It’s more than just a kink to him; he truly relishes the experience of being underneath me and engaging in oral pleasure. This unique closeness brings him immense joy as he indulges in Cunnilingus, with my consent, exploring areas that are personal to … Continue reading Men like Face Sitting by Women During Sex — Cunnilingus