Neena Gupta forbids Masaba Gupta’s live-in relationship with her ex-husband.

Fashion designer and actor Masaba Gupta has embarked on a new journey of love with her husband, Satyadeep Mishra, marking her second shot at marriage. Her initial union with producer Madhu Mantena had met its end in 2019. Before making the commitment of marriage, Masaba and Madhu had contemplated a live-in relationship. However, Masaba’s mother, the esteemed actor Neena Gupta, had strong reservations about this choice. Neena, drawing from her own life experiences, advised her daughter against repeating her past mistakes.

During an interview on Twinkle Khanna’s Tweak India channel, Masaba disclosed that Neena’s stance was rooted in preventing her from falling into the same pitfalls. When the decision was made to call off the marriage, it was Neena who felt the impact most profoundly.

Masaba recounted Neena’s words, saying, “She was like, ‘This relationship began, and now it’s over. It’s only been two years, hardly any time together. I wanted to live with my ex-husband before we got married, but she said no.'”

Masaba went on to reveal that Neena had different aspirations for her life, favoring a more conventional path. She continued, “She (Neena) said, ‘I’ve made this mistake, and you won’t repeat it. If you’re certain, just get married.’ She literally packed my things and sent me over the day we had the court marriage. She believed that when people aren’t married, they have the freedom to walk away easily.”

It’s worth noting that Masaba is the daughter of Neena Gupta and the West Indies cricket legend Vivian Richards. Neena and Vivian never formalized their union in marriage, and Masaba was raised by Neena in India.

Upon learning of Masaba’s separation from Madhu, Neena shouldered the blame for not allowing her daughter to fully understand her partner before taking the plunge. Masaba recalled, “During that phase of my life, she was very, very conservative. She didn’t want me to endure what she had. She said, ‘I think it’s my fault. I should have let you follow your path, live together, and work things out. I should have gently guided you and paid more attention. I’ve been a poor mother,’ delving into that dramatic realm of a mother who’s also an actress.”

Viv Richards made a special journey to attend Masaba’s wedding to Satyadeep. Interestingly, Madhu Mantena also found love for the second time and tied the knot with Ira Trivedi.

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