Why is our society plagued by profound sexual dysfunction?

Essentially, the root cause lies in centuries of sexual repression spanning two to three thousand years. Throughout this extensive timeframe, two particularly destructive fallacies have entrenched themselves in Western society:

Firstly, the fallacy that sex is an instinctual, primal pursuit, devoid of any spiritual or higher human aspirations. Secondly, the fallacy is that men possess an inherent and superior sexual nature compared to women.

These deeply ingrained myths have persisted for so long that they continue to permeate our collective consciousness. Although society has only recently started to challenge these falsehoods, progress remains sluggish when considering the extensive duration of their influence.

The first myth, characterizing sex as a “base” and animalistic activity rather than a profound experience, has hindered comprehensive study, hindered proper education for our youth, stifled open dialogue, and disregarded sex as an avenue for personal growth and fulfillment. Consequently, our understanding of sex as a society remains severely limited, and we have yet to harness even a fraction of our sexual potential or utilize it as a means of enriching our lives.

The second myth, perpetuating the notion of men’s inherent and heightened sexual desires, has generated an imbalance between masculine and feminine principles in society. We have witnessed the manifestation of a dysfunctional and excessively dominant masculine energy alongside a dysfunctional and excessively submissive feminine energy. The absence of equilibrium and harmony between these two principles has left us bereft.

This imbalance has led to a neglect of the diverse sexual needs and complementary functions of both men and women, as well as the remarkable synergy that arises when they unite. Instead, we have witnessed the subjugation of feminine sexuality to cater to overpowering and insatiable masculine sexuality. Women have been expected to fulfill men’s sexual desires either by reproducing as obedient caretakers or by providing pleasure as objects of desire.

The combination of these two myths has birthed a society oblivious to the wonders and advantages of sex, while individuals within it remain unaware of their own potential and the transformative power of their sexuality.

The outcome is an excessively aggressive society replete with discontented individuals, encompassing both men and women.

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