Polygamy — The ethical Non-Monogamy She sleeps with her Neighbour

Young Girl and Men Getting Physical touching Each Others Genitals

In recent weeks, I’ve delved into the topic of relationships and received a variety of feedback. Some responses were constructive, fostering meaningful dialogue, while others were less polite and showed hostility. The aim of our editorial staff was to initiate a conversation about ethical non-monogamy (ENM) and explore its possibilities.

Our editorial staff has spoken to real women in her apartment who were engaged in ethical monogamy and were sleeping with their neighbors. However, our ultimate goal was to prompt contemplation on a world where ethical Non-Monogamy is embraced as a norm. Presently, the woman whom we interviewed is engaged in an ethical Non-Monogamy relationship, and I’m eager to discuss its advantages and disadvantages and provide guidance for those interested.

The interviewed lady said that she believes that no single person can fulfill all our sexual, emotional, and mental needs. Secondly, feeling desired contributes positively to our confidence and self-esteem. Thirdly, exploring ethical Non-Monogamy can be exhilarating. For more detailed insights, you can refer to those articles.

Now, if you’re considering an ethical Non-Monogamy relationship, kudos to you! It’s a significant step, especially when societal norms have conditioned us against such ideas for centuries. Personally, I don’t think anyone should be possessed by another, but I’ve already discussed this in previous articles.

Before initiating the conversation with your partner, there’s a crucial aspect of ethical Non-Monogamy you should be aware of: egos can be problematic. Human nature often leads us to doubt ourselves, thinking we might not be enough or that our partner’s interest in ethical Non-Monogamy implies dissatisfaction with us. However, this is far from the truth!

Approach the topic logically and emotionally, providing constant reassurance throughout your discussions. Prepare a list of the pros and cons of ethical Non-Monogamy, share your reasons for considering it, and explain how you believe it could benefit your partner as well.

Be prepared for their initial resistance. Negative conditioning may take time to overcome. If they aren’t ready for a full conversation, avoid pressuring them. Forcing the issue won’t lead to anything positive. Instead, step back, express your love and support, and let them know you’re available to talk when they feel comfortable.

When the time is right, engage in open communication. Refer back to the list you prepared earlier. Discuss why you believe ethical Non-Monogamy could enhance your relationship, and be honest about your fears and concerns. Showing vulnerability is essential; it demonstrates that you seek genuine connection, not mere casual encounters.

Talk about instances when either of you desired physical intimacy, but circumstances prevented it from happening. Humans crave physical affection, and there are various ways to fulfill these needs. Embracing this concept could lead to a world where individuals receive the support they require in all aspects of life, including sex. Such a scenario could foster greater kindness and compassion among people.

So, have that conversation. We will be back with more advice and real-life examples to help you navigate this topic. While some might consider it tricky or taboo, our goal is to overcome such stigmas, right?

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