How to Overcome and move through Shame Fear and Guilt

“If you never experience fear, embarrassment, or pain, it signifies a lack of willingness to embrace opportunities,”

A moment arrives when you find yourself kneeling, enveloped by a profound realization. There exists a superior existence awaiting you—one that remains unlived, yet you stand prepared to embrace it. This marks the instance of awakening—a point in time when you heed your soul’s call for the next stage of its progression. You stand poised to embody your utmost potential.

In the words of Anais Nin, “And there came a day when the risk to remain enclosed in a bud became more agonizing than the risk it took to flourish.”

In my personal journey, this manifested as a turbulent, dysfunctional relationship with food, coupled with a sensation of spiraling into chaos. I was essentially suppressing my genuine, authentic self, consequently feeling astray and disconnected from my path. A puzzling pain, whose origin I struggled to decipher, ultimately revealed itself as the result of not pursuing my purpose.

A faint voice, which I had ignored for an extended period, finally gained volume and asserted, “Your purpose surpasses this.” This message permeated my entire being as a sensation and newfound awareness.

For you, it might manifest as a perpetual cycle that seems unbreakable—something hindering a sense of wholeness and contentment. It’s an intuitive understanding that a crucial element is absent, and you’re poised to liberate yourself. You acknowledge that your deepest aspiration involves enhancing your life and realizing a grander version of yourself.

Frequently, this awareness is accompanied by a resolute determination, which can swiftly transform into immobilizing feelings such as:

  • Apprehension of the unknown and fear of judgment
  • Embarrassment about your present circumstances and the need for assistance
  • Remorse regarding past decisions

Such emotions are intrinsic and typical, yet they should never obstruct your progress.

The ensuing steps outline a series of seven actions aimed at propelling you beyond fear, shame, and regret. This journey will empower you to take the bold leap toward embracing your most elevated self:

01. Anchor yourself in the present.

To put it differently, commence from your current position. Until you wholeheartedly embrace your present circumstances, advancement remains unattainable. Confront your inner self, illuminating all those elements that no longer serve your purpose.

This marks the juncture to fully immerse yourself in the reality of the present instant, granting permission to experience every emotion that surfaces within you. Frequently, our sense of stagnation arises from evading these emotions, hence granting them room to be felt is imperative. Remember, their existence isn’t erroneous; they merely exist as they are.

As you acknowledge and experience them, you liberate them, which ultimately fosters augmented determination and lucidity.

02. Craft a vision.

Attain crystal-clear clarity regarding the vision you hold for yourself. You’ve sensed the existence of something superior, but how does it manifest?

I strongly advocate undertaking this process while meditating to quiet your thoughts. This allows your intuition to fill in the gaps and intricacies. Dedicate time and allow the vision to manifest.

Channel your focus onto this vision daily, potentially fashioning a vision board as well. (Those are truly wonderful!) Daily concentration on your vision aligns your thoughts and deeds with that vision, enabling every facet of your being to harmonize for your utmost benefit.

03. Make the definitive choice.

Assess the path you currently tread. Next, examine your vision. Candidly, where do you aspire to journey?

Make the firm decision to progress towards your vision regardless of obstacles. It all commences with a choice. Understand that you possess the capability to confront whatever the journey unveils.

04. Embrace honesty.

Here you stand, decision made, destination identified. What apprehensions lurk within you?

Embark on a stream-of-consciousness writing exercise with “Fears” boldly inscribed at the top. Be impeccably honest about your fears. Put it all down, for your words are for your eyes alone.

Now, release it! I’m serious. Discharge those fears: expel them from your being, onto the paper, and into oblivion.

One of my mentors suggested this practice, and the relief it provides is astonishing! Instantaneously, it robs my fears of their power, as I grasp they are mere constructs of my mind, not truths.

The tangible act of freeing your fears in this manner generates space for your higher self to become your guide.

05. Elevate the purpose.

Upon electing to lead a life of full expression, you become a beacon inspiring others to do the same. What transformative impact do you wish to embody and instigate in the world? Precisely define this. (Indeed, clarity is pivotal at each juncture!)

With a mission surpassing the self, each choice you make reverberates not solely within you, but also throughout your immediate sphere. Every stride forward becomes marginally easier when you envision your grander mission.

06. Discover the silver lining.

Every occurrence leading up to this instance, each of your past decisions, even the aspects that induce embarrassment or remorse, have collectively sculpted you into your finest self.

Discerning this might prove challenging at the moment, yet it remains the verity.

During my lowest moments, I could never have envisaged that I’d one-day aid women in healing their relationship with food. Were it not for the experiences preceding that pivotal instant or my choice to embark on a journey of personal healing, I wouldn’t occupy my present position. I serve others more profoundly owing to it—because I comprehend their struggles and the process of transcending them.

Have faith in your encounters. There’s no necessity to feel guilt or remorse due to them.

07. Secure assistance.

Share your fresh trajectory with those dearest to you. Acquire a mentor to bolster and steer you—a person who has traversed similar terrain and comprehends it intimately. Connect with others undergoing comparable transitions.

You needn’t brave this expedition solo! Simplify matters for yourself and seek support in every conceivable manner.

Fear, shame, and remorse touch us all—and we can all ascend beyond them to lead lives imbued with purpose.

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