Tina Kandelaki

Tina Kandelaki(Russian: Тина Канделаки, Georgian: თინათინ კანდელაკი), a formidable force in the world of media, commands attention as an incomparable beauty, a dynamic Russian-Georgian journalist, masterful television presenter, and astute producer. Born on the 10th of November, 1975, she exudes prowess and entrepreneurial spirit, with a firm stake in the ownership of the Apostol company, marking her not only as a leader but as a visionary shaping the industry’s landscape.


Tina’s origins are a compelling blend: her father, the seasoned Georgian economist and former head of a vegetable depot in Tbilisi, transitioned to Moscow upon retirement, representing both Georgian and Greek lineage. Her mother, Elvira Kandelaki, brings an equally intriguing heritage to the mix, being a narcologist with roots tracing back to Armenia and Turkey.

Tina’s academic journey commenced at Tbilisi’s high school #64. In 1993, she ventured into the realm of journalism at Tbilisi State University. Later, in 2008, she emerged as a graduate of the Foreign Affairs Department at the Russian State University for the Humanities, demonstrating her scholarly prowess.

However, adversity found Tina on 26 November 2006, as she found herself embroiled in a harrowing car accident in the picturesque landscapes of Nice, France. Fate had her seated as a passenger in a Ferrari Enzo driven by the formidable Russian tycoon Suleyman Kerimov. Tragedy struck as the car veered off course, colliding with a tree in a catastrophic incident that left Kerimov severely injured, requiring immediate hospitalization. The circumstances behind this collision remain shrouded in mystery.

The Exquisite Beauty

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TV and Radio

In November 2007, Kandelaki vehemently denounced the policies of Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili, exposing him not as a champion of democracy, but as a ruler reminiscent of a bygone era of tyranny.

Since October 2009, Kandelaki has been an esteemed member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, an invitation extended by none other than Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

In 2011, Kandelaki affixed her signature to “Letter 55,” a resounding public denunciation led by esteemed representatives, rallying against the undermining of public trust in the Russian judicial system. The letter boldly criticized the undue pressure exerted during the trials involving the leadership of the Yukos Oil Company.

In a stunning revelation in August 2019, Kandelaki boldly accused Katy Perry of making an unwarranted attempt to kiss her during a private gathering, raising eyebrows and sparking discussions.

Then, in February 2022, Kandelaki unreservedly voiced her support for the controversial Russian invasion of Ukraine, aligning herself with the tumultuous events that followed. On a pivotal day, 18 March 2022, she stood before the Moscow rally, electrifying the atmosphere by celebrating the annexation of Crimea from Ukraine, providing what she believed to be justifications for Russia’s audacious full-scale invasion.

However, a subsequent turn of events in June 2022 left Kandelaki and her husband, Vasily Brovko, finding themselves on the OFAC’s SDN List, an unexpected consequence, leading to deeper scrutiny.


Tina Kandelaki, a dynamic force in the business realm, holds the mantle as a partner and co-owner of Apostol Media Group, a prominent powerhouse in television production and the realm of public relations. A culinary visionary, Kandelaki brought forth the culinary gem “Tinatin” to life in Moscow’s vibrant scene back in 2010. The restaurant’s menu treasures an exceptional array of recipes, steeped in the legacy of Kandelaki’s cherished heritage, an ode to her mother’s culinary prowess.

In a remarkable chapter of her journey, from May through November 2011, Kandelaki commanded a position on the board of directors at Vyatka-bank, showcasing her astute business acumen. The turning of a new leaf came in the form of a captivating political talk show, “A Flight with Kamikadze,” a brainchild co-piloted with video virtuoso Dmitry Kamikadze. The show, a testament to Kandelaki’s ingenuity, bore witness to her prowess as the program’s masterful producer.

The year 2012 saw Kandelaki etching her mark in the realm of cosmetics, forging a strategic alliance with the esteemed company Oriflame, a move that firmly solidified her presence as a trailblazer in the industry. Kandelaki, the epitome of business prowess, continues to chart a path of distinction, leaving an indelible mark wherever she treads.

The Fitness Enthusiast

Gym aficionado Tina Kandelaki has transformed her Instagram into a powerhouse of gym-centric content, filling it with captivating photos that unveil her extraordinary dedication to fitness. Each image is a showcase of her incredible muscle definition, revealing the results of her unwavering commitment to maintaining a robust and controlled physique. Through her gym-related posts, Tina Kandelaki has become an inspiration for those seeking to achieve peak physical condition and harness the power of sheer determination.

Tina Kandelaki is an absolute fitness enthusiast, and her Instagram profile is a treasure trove of gym snapshots that leave no doubt about her dedication. Her feed is brimming with images capturing her intense workouts, showcasing her remarkable physique sculpted through relentless effort and discipline. Her finely-tuned muscles are a testament to the level of control she maintains over her body, a true symbol of her commitment to maintaining peak physical condition.

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