Osho — Life and Insecurity Are Synonyms

In the vast expanse of existence, where certainty finds itself eclipsed by the inevitability of death, life assumes the guise of perpetual uncertainty. It is within this profound recognition that the very longing for security loses its grip, dissolving like mist under the sun’s touch. Embracing the state of insecurity metamorphoses into a profound liberation – a release from its chains.

The essence of uncertainty, intrinsic to the human psyche, lingers like an unwavering companion. Yet, fretting over its presence only stokes its flames, adding intensity to its grip. Instead, allow the mind to reside in its natural state, untouched and unaltered. In this tranquil abode, the sanctum of meditation unveils itself. Remember, you stand distinct from the ceaseless chatter of the mind, rendering its struggles irrelevant.

Like an explorer of the night, do not attempt to banish the shadows within. Rather, illuminate your path with the radiance of consciousness. The conundrums that beckon contemplation, those crossroads of decision – surrender to them springs forth as an audacious leap that transcends rational discourse. It stands as a testament: hesitation finds no sanctuary here. Seize the leap, or linger on the precipice, but do not burden your soul with endless deliberation. The call is not for pondering, but for courageous action.

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