Osho — Some Questions Have No Answers

Love, your letter arrived with a cascade of questions, each eager for an answer. To address them adequately, I’d have to conjure a tome surpassing the grandeur of the Mahabharata, an endeavor daunting in its proportions.

However, even in that vastness, I fear your answers would remain elusive, for certain queries find their abode in the recesses of your unique existence. Some questions, though unyielding, are unfit for external resolution, destined to roam the realm of the unanswerable.

As we persist in our quest, these questions, once so prominent, steadily fade into obscurity. And then, there exists a breed of queries, the rightful ones, yet devoid of ready answers. These treasures of understanding must be sought within, unearthed through the depths of personal experience.

To truly address your challenges, I offer a perspective that brings intellectual satisfaction. It involves not merely finding answers, but unveiling a method that awakens your awareness to the truth that problems are self-created illusions. This realization frees you from the need for answers.

The consciousness of an enlightened being is remarkable in its absence of questions. It transcends the realm of inquiries, having dissolved them all. Contrary to common belief, this enlightened individual lacks answers because they have no questions to begin with. It’s impossible to possess answers without the presence of questions.

Consider the poignant example of Gertrude Stein, a brilliant poet on her deathbed, surrounded by friends. In her final moments, she asked, “What is the answer?” Her friends rightly responded, “We don’t know the question, how can we provide an answer?” Undeterred, Gertrude persisted, “Alright, what is the question?” She left us with a thought-provoking last statement.

The closing words of artists—poets, painters, dancers, and singers—carry profound meaning. Gertrude’s initial inquiry was a universal one, as the same question resonates with every human being. It doesn’t need verbalization. Unfortunately, someone lacking understanding asked, “How can we answer without knowing the question?” This response lacked sensitivity, particularly to a dying soul.

Yet, Gertrude responded once more, “Alright, what is the question?” Silence ensued.

The truth is, no one possesses the question, nor the answer. In reality, there isn’t a singular question or a definitive answer; rather, there exists a way of living that can be shrouded in confusion, ensnared by the mind. This path is rife with endless questions and answers, spiraling endlessly.

However, there exists an alternative existence, one rooted in consciousness. Here, questions and answers fade away. If I had been present during Gertrude Stein’s final moments, I would have whispered, “This is not the time for questions and answers. Remember, there is no question, and there is no answer. Existence remains silent on such matters. This is not a philosophy class. Depart without questions, depart without answers. Simply embrace a silent, conscious, and peaceful passage.”

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