11 Signs — Man is Sexually Attracted to a Woman

01 Sexually attracted Man Licks his lips

This might strike as peculiar, yet it’s a fact that men indeed lick their lips when experiencing a sexual attraction towards a woman. Numerous experts in the field of body language elucidate this phenomenon by the increased salivary production when drawn to an individual, leading to the instinct to Lick the lips.

Liking the lips also serves as an indicator of eagerness for something enticing, making it a clear manifestation of his evident interest in a woman. Throughout history, lip moistening has been imbued with an erotic expression in popular culture, hence the inclusion of this gesture in the set of signs.

02 A Sexually Attracted Man Lowers His Voice

When he addresses you, his voice naturally deepens. A study conducted jointly by scholars from the University of Liverpool in England and the University of Stirling in Scotland reveals an intriguing phenomenon: men deliberately modulate their pitch, lowering it, when engaging with women they perceive as sexually attractive.

This might have caught your attention: while conversing with others, his voice maintains a different timbre; however, the moment he directs his words towards you, a noticeable shift occurs – his tone becomes more earnest and evocative. Various psychologists assert that this behavioral pattern in men is instinctual, a subconscious effort to project a heightened sense of masculinity.

03 You Make Him Nervous

Various individuals exhibit nervousness in diverse ways, making it clear that this observation may not universally hold true. Nevertheless, if a man finds himself profoundly drawn to you in a romantic sense, his behavior might betray his anxiety when in your company.

A conspicuous indicator of his unease stemming from your presence is evident through his fidgeting tendencies. To illustrate, he could engage in fiddling with his beverage, adjusting his attire, or manipulating any object within reach as if attempting to mask his struggle to contain his emotions around you.

Furthermore, signs of nervousness may manifest as verbal stumbling, perspiration, or jittery behavior. All of these manifestations converge to affirm that you significantly impact his emotions and self-control.

04 A Sexually Attracted Man is Groomed Now

This concept holds true primarily when you’ve had the opportunity to know him personally, either as a friend or an acquaintance. Therefore, if your initial interactions with him revealed a carefree attitude towards his appearance, yet you now observe a distinct and newfound emphasis on his looks, it could strongly indicate that his intentions are influenced by you.

05 A Sexually Attracted Man Smiles a Lot

When a man is drawn to your charm, it’s likely he’ll find it hard to suppress a smile in your presence. Naturally, some individuals are prone to wearing a smile. However, it’s crucial not to jump to the conclusion that a shop assistant’s consistent smiles signify romantic attraction. It’s vital to discern the nature of the smile being offered. This will enable you to distinguish whether there’s a genuine connection underlying it or if it’s simply a friendly gesture.

06 A Sexually Attracted Man Flirts With You

This is one of the most obvious signs that a man is attracted to you. He is making it clear to you that he has other intentions than just being your friend. Flirting is a harmless way of showing someone they’re interested while allowing the other to reciprocate the efforts if they want to. Flirting and playful banter that’s charged with romantic or sexual energy is a sureproof sign a man is attracted to you.

07 A Sexually Attracted Man Blushes When You Are Around

Blushing emerges as a natural reflex of the sympathetic nervous system, where an upsurge in heart rate propels a corresponding surge in blood pressure, culminating in the manifestation of a blush. Mary C. Lamia Ph.D., a clinical psychologist, underscores that blushing can also transpire in exhilarating scenarios, including the self-awareness of harboring a physical attraction toward another individual.

Hence, if you discern a rosiness enveloping his cheeks whenever you are in proximity, an unequivocal indication materializes that he holds a profound attraction towards you, one that eludes concealment. Nevertheless, it’s prudent to exercise caution in interpretation. Before swiftly arriving at conclusions upon observing a flushed countenance, consider the possibility that it might stem from factors unrelated to your presence—perhaps a skin condition or ambient temperature fluctuations.

08 A Sexually Attracted Man is Possessive and Jealous

A clear indicator that a man feels a sexual attraction towards you is when he displays possessiveness. This instinctive behavior often stems from a primal urge, causing him to become watchful when others direct their attention towards you. He will likely possess the ability to discern when other men engage in flirtatious behavior with you, and he might even go so far as to highlight these instances in order to gauge your response.

Furthermore, observe if he alters his behavior in the presence of other interested men. Does he make an effort to be more humorous than them? Does he adopt a more confident posture, standing taller? These actions could serve as significant cues, suggesting that he is striving to capture your complete focus.

09 He Constantly Wants to Touch You

When a sexually attracted man finds himself drawn to you in a sexual manner, his actions often speak volumes. He may express his interest through subtle gestures, like a gentle touch on your arm during a conversation to emphasize a point or a playful slap on your arm accompanied by laughter. Sometimes, you might notice his leg lightly brushing against yours beneath the table, showing an inclination toward physical closeness. In essence, men frequently seek to minimize the physical space between themselves and the object of their attraction, seizing any opportunity to bridge that gap.

This principle extends to instances when he lingers a bit too long during a hug, whether it’s a greeting or a farewell. While a friendly hug tends to last around two seconds, if you observe that he’s holding onto the embrace a touch longer, it suggests a reluctance to let go of the sensation of his body in close proximity to yours.

10 Sexually Attracted Man Makes Eye Contact

Eye contact, a natural progression from the language of the body, stands as one of the simplest and most widespread methods to convey a sense of sexual allure. In the intricate tapestry of human interaction, speech is not the sole thread. Direct gazes hold an unparalleled potency among non-verbal symbols¹, specifically when weaving the tale of attraction.

In addition, the act of maintaining eye contact triggers the release of oxytocin, often termed the “elixir of love,” entwined with emotions like compassion, connection, reliance, intimate engagement, and beyond. Nonetheless, it’s essential to cast a discerning eye not only upon the eyes themselves but also on the trajectory of a person’s stare. The demonstration of sexual interest can be concealed within the subtleties, perhaps within an inability to avert their gaze from your form, an unspoken ode to admiration.

In succinct terms, the interplay of eye contact and prolonged gazes functions as a reliable compass, aiding in the discernment of latent sexual attraction.

11 Sexually Attracted Men Will Loiter Around You

If a sexually attracted man finds himself drawn to you sexually, his body language will often reveal his feelings. A notable indicator would be his behavior when in a group; singling you out indicates a strong attraction. Moreover, during private moments, standing in close proximity serves as a definite clue of his affections. Naturally, it’s important to consider these cues in conjunction with other contextual elements to ensure their accuracy.

Undeniably, physical proximity remains one of the most conspicuous indicators of attraction. This gesture not only signifies his sexual interest in you but also communicates his fascination with others, especially when he maintains such closeness even in the presence of other people.

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