Embrace the Freedom from Stigma around Sex Toys

Embarking on the sensual journey through the aisles of desire, I found my sanctuary in the Shoppers Drug Mart, selecting a vibrant vibrator, a secret partner in pleasure. Concealing it became a thrilling game, my bag a window into my colorful desires. A revelation struck: no more shame in pursuing personal sexual health. In a world where men are celebrated for their conquests, women must reclaim their sexuality, breaking free from antiquated notions. Sex toys bridge gaps, delivering satisfaction when others falter. It's time to indulge without restraint, for self-care encompasses sensual wellness. Let's unite, embracing pleasure as a vital aspect of our empowered selves.

A few weeks ago, I found myself immersed in a whirlwind of panic as I navigated the sexual health aisle within Sex Toys Mart. My mission: selecting the perfect vibrator. Swiftly, I seized one from the top shelf, concealed it within my cart, and dashed toward the self-checkout. My gaze swept the surroundings, ensuring no prying eyes witnessed my choice. My escape from the store felt like a race, yet my ordeal was far from over. Alas, my grocery bag revealed its contents, a transparent window onto the colorful packaging of blue, green, and purple. Concealing it during the 15-minute walk back home became a strategic challenge. All this trepidation and distress, merely for the act of purchasing a vibrator? It became painfully clear that this shame should not accompany women in their pursuit of personal sexual health.

Let’s not solely blame society and social media for these fears. There are luminaries like Alexandra Cooper, the force behind the “Call Her Daddy” podcast, advocating the ownership of sexuality and sexual health. Strong, influential figures in the media, irrespective of gender, celebrate their sexuality in empowering ways—Miley Cyrus turns dildos into home décor, challenging the stigma that plagues us. Does this stigma even exist beyond our apprehensions? The questions keep me up at night, for everyone possesses a sexual nature, a knowledge of what sex entails, and the recognition that people engage in it. So why do we tremble at the prospect of nurturing our own sexual well-being and pleasure? These queries demand answers.

The stigma enshrouding women’s sexual health, archaic and gender-biased, plays out as follows: men celebrated as “legends,” “pros,” and “icons” for their amorous exploits, while women with multiple partners often labeled “whores” and “sluts.” An impossible situation—avoid multiple partners to escape this label, and we’re branded “prude.” The solution, however, is crystal clear: we must seize our sexuality, and shatter these antiquated biases. Remember, women deserve sexual pleasure on par with any man. It’s worth mentioning that many women struggle to orgasm with their sexual partners, leaving them to seek their own satisfaction. This is where sex toys step in to bridge the gap.

This revelation—the notion that women should embrace sex toys without awkwardness—turned my world upside down. Men engage in self-pleasure, and so can women. I shouldn’t feel shame or earn derogatory labels for perusing the sexual health aisle, contemplating vibrator options. The stigma doesn’t halt at the store; it infiltrates the bedroom, too. Can girls watch porn? Is it odd to masturbate? Does buying a sex toy broadcast a desperate need for physical contact? The answer is a resounding NO! Not every woman, particularly within the tumultuous landscape of university hook-up culture, finds casual encounters comfortable or resorts to online dating. COVID-19 exacerbates the challenges of meeting new people. Thus, sex toys like vibrators provide a viable solution for those seeking sexual relief, offering gratification without the specter of STIs or the eerie online date. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this.

Women’s sexual health is intertwined with our overall well-being, deserving recognition as such. Engaging in self-care through masturbation contributes to our sexual wellness. Life’s stress, the juggling act of school and daily life, often leave us drained. A jog or a nap doesn’t always suffice, but self-pleasure and the use of sex toys can alleviate some of that stress. Furthermore, practicing sexual health can boost confidence, helping us understand our desires and preferences, and allowing us to explore new sensations. Normalizing self-pleasure and the use of sex toys becomes crucial for the benefits they bring to our well-being and confidence.

You might assume I’m a seasoned pro in this area, but trust me, I’m far from it. This represents my first venture into purchasing and using vibrators. My intention is to share my experience, to assist others and educate myself about women’s sexual health. It’s perfectly acceptable to be inexperienced with sex toys or to have limited sexual activity. Every person’s sexual journey is unique. Whether you’re sexually active or not, your sexual health is a vital aspect of self-awareness. Listen to your body, do thorough research, and stand confidently in your sexual presence. While the act of purchasing a sex toy is personal, it doesn’t have to be a solitary endeavor. Many women use toys and possess knowledge about sexual health. Engage in conversations with friends, read product reviews, and learn from others’ preferences. Women supporting each other is crucial in various aspects of life, and this is undoubtedly one of them.

If you’re a first-time explorer in this realm of products, let me reassure you: you’re not alone. Sex toys serve a purpose, and we should leverage them without a hint of shame or awkwardness. Own your sexuality and sexual health, for it belongs to you, and the opinions of others hold no sway. If we can’t openly discuss our sexual health and pleasure, how can we care for it? Women deserve to nurture their sexual health without fear of judgment or ridicule. It’s time, ladies; it’s time for us to confidently stroll into any store and purchase a vibrator, indifferent to onlookers.

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