Osho — Reincarnation Story of a Girl in India

Osho shares a fascinating tale of a young girl who possessed an extraordinary memory of her past life. This remarkable phenomenon defied the natural forgetfulness that typically shrouds our previous lifetimes, creating a unique challenge for her.

This intriguing incident took place in Jabalpur, where a nine-year-old girl exhibited an unparalleled recollection of her past existence. Her memories flowed seamlessly as if there were no boundaries between her current life and the one she had previously lived. This anomaly was a deviation in nature’s usual arrangement of layers of forgetfulness, a safeguard to prevent overwhelming the conscious mind with the accumulated memories of multiple lifetimes.

The girl hailed from Katni, a mere eighty miles from Jabalpur, and she held vivid memories of her family there. She remembered names, faces, her husband, her sons, and even the house where they lived. Curiosity piqued, Osho decided to test the authenticity of her claims. He arranged a meeting with the people she remembered, the Pathak brothers, who lived just a few blocks away. A small crowd gathered, and to everyone’s astonishment, the girl instantly recognized the brothers among the group. She inquired about her mother and children, revealing a deep emotional connection that transcended mere memories.

The situation posed a dilemma. The girl had lived with her past-life family for seventy years, creating a strong bond. In contrast, her current family in Katni was her biological family but lacked the same emotional pull due to her short time with them. A difficult decision lay ahead: remain with the family she knew intimately but in a past life or return to her biological family, which she had been part of for only nine years.

This predicament stirred emotions in both families, prompting Osho to intervene with a practical solution. Recognizing the importance of establishing a barrier between the two lives, he suggested deep hypnosis. The aim was to create a separation, allowing the girl to focus on her current life without the constant intrusion of past-life memories. The process took ten intensive sessions, resulting in an artificial barrier that provided relief and allowed her to move forward.

The girl’s life eventually took a positive turn. She married, had children, and, importantly, had forgotten the memories that once consumed her. Even when the people from her past-life family visited her, she no longer recognized them. The barrier, though delicate, had proven effective in giving her a fresh start, free from the burdens of a past life that threatened to overshadow her present existence.

In the end, Osho emphasizes the unnecessary nature of remembering past lives. The story serves as a reminder that sometimes, forgetting can be a blessing, allowing us to fully embrace the life we have now.

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