Stuck? don’t panic! There is a way

When you’re building anything challenging – be it new software, a beautiful data visualization for your company, or a new startup idea – the process is bound to be fraught with setbacks and moments when you feel stuck. Human emotions are volatile and fragile. The crucial thing to remember at this time is, don’t panic!

Adverse events are equally as likely to occur for optimists and pessimists, so how you respond is what makes a pessimist and an optimist. To quickly get back on your feet, follow the steps below:

  1. Nothing lasts forever. Don’t be discouraged for a long time.
    It’s perfectly normal to be stuck, but the only way out is to start searching for ways to change your situation for the better. To rest is to Rust. Take actions of smaller magnitude.
  2. Break down the problem.
    Next, start by reducing the problem to a set of manageable tasks. By identifying a set of smaller tasks that you can accomplish, you’ll build your confidence and start gaining momentum again. For example, your first clue on your way out of a coding bug is the error message. Read exactly what the error message says, review your code changes, and take action.
  3. Ask for help.
    You’re not alone when you struggle – many other people, including Presidents and top CEOs, employees, and customers, have encountered problems similar to what you’re facing. They’re available to help you, but you have to ask. we live in the era of the Internet where the power of expression is just a push-button away.

So there you have it: stay positive, break down the problem, and ask a question when you’re not sure where to search next. If you do all of this, we promise that resolution is just around the corner and you’ll be able to keep going.

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