Building Joy — A Talk by Nayaswami Roma

When Master embarked on his journey to America, his mission extended far beyond constructing monastic structures or external creations. These transient entities would eventually fade away. His true purpose lay in leading individuals to discover the divine presence within. He bestowed upon us the profound teachings of Babaji, Lahiri, and Sri Yukteshwar – the transformative gift of Kriya Yoga. The bedrock of Ananda, as well as all spiritual paths, is the profound love for God, emanating from the hearts of devoted souls.

Within our realm, we hold a technique that unlocks ecstasy and liberation from the confines of this world. As we delve deeply into Kriya, as we meditate, we make contact with the essence tethering us to the divine mother, propelling us on every level of existence throughout this incarnation and all others.

Ananda is a sanctuary brimming with souls ardently devoted to God, longing for freedom, and diligently practicing Kriya, driven by the love that permeates their hearts, a love forged through their connection with the Guru. By immersing ourselves in sadhana, by embracing Kriya practice, by steadfastly holding the Guru’s hand through life’s experiences, we harmonize with the grand tapestry of existence, dissolving anxiety, worry, and frustration in the face of the world’s trials. These challenges pale in comparison to the enduring love of God within us and the boundless love the Guru bestows upon us.

Our path ahead is a collective journey, an ensemble of spiritual sojourners. As we progress, we must remain attuned to these teachings, supporting and cherishing one another, guiding those just stepping onto the path. Each individual’s progress is a precious facet, a beautiful trajectory, all moving forward in their distinct way. We must, however, always remember our purpose, the driving force behind our journey. We ascend inwardly, then upwards, not merely constructing outward structures, for these, too, shall fade.

I recollect a moment in Rome, accompanied by Swami Kriyananda, where we visited the Coliseum and marveled at the magnificent yet crumbling relics of history. Alongside stood a minuscule church, nestled within the rocks, inconspicuous, but it radiated an ineffable joy. It was a place where early Christians prayed and meditated, a testament to their devotion. It was a poignant moment, reflecting the essence of Ananda. Our splendid buildings may eventually fade, but the unceasing love for God and the Guru within our hearts shall persist, growing from one incarnation to the next. This love will permeate our places of worship, drawing souls towards us over time.

Our true endeavor, what we are genuinely building in Bangalore, at Ananda, on this earth at this very moment, during these challenging times of decay, is the luminous ascent of Master, Divine Mother, and the Guru’s light – an unconditional love that transcends all. This love shall forever remain, for it is omnipresent. We, as humble souls, merge with the divine, relinquishing the confines of the ego, shedding notions of “me” and “mine,” embracing unity, melting into God, fulfilling our profound responsibility, and constructing the spiritual foundation that shall persist through eternity.

May divine blessings be upon each and every one of you.

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