God’s Healing Power — Paramhansa Yogananda

Respect your body, for it’s not merely a vessel, but a divine temple. Beyond physical pilgrimages, embark on a sacred journey into your heart through daily meditation. Feel the presence of God wherever you stand; it’s not confined to spiritual places but dwells within you, where you are.

The Master, Paramhansa Yogananda, wielded miraculous healing power, but it operated on a profound exchange. Why did he heal some and not others? Once, in Srirampur, a friend’s cousin faced death, and the Master restored him to life. Yet, the greatest miracle isn’t just the act but the transformation of lives, a truth that demands a receiver.

There’s not just a miracle; there’s a “miracle receiver,” someone ready for it. The Master didn’t act without God’s prompting, an inner knowing born of oneness. Intuition often works similarly. Visions are not my forte; experiences guide me. This fluidity is a blessing, as I’m open to the journey’s direction, inviting others to contribute their inspiration.

Summoning God’s Healing Touch

Should you seek God’s healing, make yourself “heal-worthy.” Worthy of attracting divine grace, devotion to God plays a pivotal role. Karma’s readiness factors in too. I nearly lost an eye in a severe fall; the doctor, stitching me up, mused why bad things happen. I never think that way; gratitude should accompany all experiences, good, bad, or indifferent.

“Why me?” cries many in suffering. Such thinking worsens the pain. A child who falls, when told to get up, does so, but weeping prolongs the agony. Embracing the “Karma” perspective, my Guru shared a story of a tough friend who, despite the pain, sought a patch-up, a lesson in accepting life’s challenges.

Embrace Equanimity and Joy

In the dentist’s chair, I felt pain without anesthesia. Once, it was unbearable, yet an intriguing lesson emerged. Instead of withdrawing, I embraced the pain, diving into its heart. Astonishingly, it vanished, much like diving into my own heart reveals only God. Amidst experiences, recognize God’s presence at the core.

Remember my Guru’s double rule: “Be even-minded and cheerful.” Seek the best even in adversity; it’s there, somewhere. People may seem bent on destruction, but they’re common trials; don’t cling to pain like my Guru’s patient who clung to an operation’s memory for two decades. Forget the past.

The Blessings in God’s Plan

In life’s labyrinth, there’s one way out finding joy amid the pain. Betrayal, the harshest blow I’ve faced, teaches the most profound lessons. Accepting God’s love in all its forms, even the painful, is the path. Every test, accepted, yields positives. Seek God’s guidance, and sometimes doors close, seemingly cruelly. Yet, when you surrender, a divine hand pushes you in the only direction that matters.

With life dragging you reluctantly, you’ll find it was the only way. All tests, in hindsight, were blessings. God blesses through all when you entrust your life to Him, so remain peaceful. Every happening shapes your even-mindedness and cheerfulness. Remember, it’s all part of the divine plan, designed to mold you.

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