Higher Souls Have to Wait Longer for Reincarnation

In the profound words of Osho, he declares, “Much like a tree sows seeds before its final breath, so does the body leave behind its own seeds before the embrace of death.”

The inquiry arises: When one consciously retreats within or at the moment of life’s end, the entirety of life energy contracts, converging towards a center, destined to metamorphose into a seed anew. But where does this energy congregate? Does it condense at the agya chakra, the navel, or some undisclosed locus? And, if there is a paramount chakra, what confers its significance?

Ponder this for a moment. The life energy inevitably contracts as the twilight of existence beckons. Just as when one departs from a residence, collecting cherished possessions before venturing forth anew. The dispersal of one’s treasures throughout the abode, from the bathroom to the living room, necessitates sorting, discarding the superfluous, and packing the essentials, commencing a fresh odyssey.

As we relinquish one life, one vessel, and embark on the pilgrimage to another existence, the consciousness, previously diffused, retracts to resume its role as a seed. Formerly actual, it reverts to potentiality, resembling a seed ready to take root in a fresh corporeal form.

Much like a tree scatters seeds before its own demise, the body, too, bequeaths its seeds before the impending encounter with mortality. What we term sperm and ova are the seeds the body bestows in anticipation of its departure. The sperm carries the intricate blueprint of one’s physique, a precise replica. As the body prepares for its farewell, it leaves behind this minute seed. This phenomenon operates on the physical plane. Similarly, on a distinct level, consciousness gathers itself, transitioning into a seed, destined to join the seed residing within another body.

The journey’s origin and termination converge at the seed. Recall that the point of commencement is also the point of culmination. The cycle of the journey concludes where it commenced. We begin as a seed, and we culminate again as a seed. Thus, the question remains: at the threshold of death, which center does consciousness amass to contract and become a seed? Naturally, it coalesces at the very center that has been pivotal throughout life’s course. It concentrates at the core most cherished, for it has been the nexus of one’s vital energy.

Consider this illustration: If a man’s existence was dominated entirely by the pursuit of sensual pleasure if sex constituted his entire world, his wealth, status, and health mere tools for indulgence, then at the moment of death, the life energy will converge at the realm of sex. His next voyage will commence from the sex center. Why? Because his subsequent birth will perpetuate the journey of a sex-obsessed realm. In his final moments, his consciousness gathers at the seat of sex, marking the culmination of his life. His life energy departs through his genitalia. Had his life revolved around a different center, the energy would have coalesced and exited from that very center. The point around which one’s life orbits becomes the point of departure. The space where one resided throughout existence will be the portal of departure. Consequently, a yogi may depart from the agya chakra, and a lover from the heart chakra. An enlightened soul’s life energy would exit from the sahasrar, the seventh chakra, as their departure shatters the boundaries of the skull.

The point of exit serves as a definitive testament to one’s life choices. In times of yore, methods existed to determine the exit chakra, the exit portal of the departing consciousness by observing the deceased body. All the chakras serve as both entry and exit points. The soul enters a new vessel through the same door it exited from in its previous death – that’s the sole path it knows.

Hence, the mental state of the parents during conception influences the type of soul that seeks their womb. Only a soul aligned with the prevailing consciousness of the parents during intimacy will be drawn to that womb. If two individuals deeply immersed in meditation engage in love not for pleasure but to give birth to a soul, they can utilize the highest chakras for this purpose.

This elucidates why higher souls often endure lengthy waits, seeking a womb of elevated quality, a rare find. As a result, many virtuous souls remain dormant for centuries before rebirth, and similarly, malevolent souls experience a comparable fate. Ordinary souls, however, find swift passage, and instant births, for a plethora of suitable wombs await them daily. Approximately one hundred and eighty thousand births transpire each day, excluding the number of deaths. On a daily basis, around two hundred thousand souls find their way into as many wombs – but this pertains solely to the ordinary souls.

Numerous souls, after facing considerable challenges in finding birth on this Earth, are compelled to seek life on other celestial bodies. Earth becomes incapable of facilitating their rebirth. This situation mirrors a scenario where a scientist born in one country eventually finds a suitable job in another. Born on familiar soil, nourished by resources, but bereft of opportunities compatible with their expertise and training. Thus, the scientist seeks a new beginning elsewhere.

In a similar manner, while we foster soul evolution on Earth, we may not provide suitable wombs for their subsequent births. Consequently, they seek opportunities for rebirth on other planets.

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