Osho — You are older than the Sun

Osho, the sage of wisdom, asserts that you, my friend, are no newcomer to this earthly realm. A seasoned traveler, your essence has graced this planet before, your ancient countenance veiled beneath your youthful visage. You belong to the lineage of the ages.

In the days of the Buddha, a remarkable teacher named Prakuddha Katyayana strode the land of India. A sage of rare distinction, he bestowed the title of “ancient ones” upon his disciples, acknowledging the profound depth of their existence. Even the youngest among them, addressed as an ancient being, held within them the vastness of eons. We all carry the weight of cosmic experience, extending beyond Earth, spanning eras, older than the sun itself.

Consider the renowned American psychologist, William James, whose groundbreaking work “Varieties of Religious Experience” traversed the globe to uncover the essence of faith. His journey led him to India, where he sought wisdom in the Himalayas from a sage unnamed. Puzzled by ancient scriptures that described the Earth upheld by eight white elephants, he inquired about the foundation of these elephants, a quest for ultimate support.

The sage’s laughter echoed through the mountains as he explained, “Elephants on elephants, a lineage stretching into infinity. Onward and downward, elephants upon elephants, forever.” This chain of existence extends beyond the concept of first arrival. You, my friend, are borne from the tapestry of past lives, each life intertwined with another, creating an unbroken lineage. You stand as a product of the entire history of existence, an embodiment of countless stories and meanings.

The Hindu tradition, masterful weaver of tales, presents seemingly absurd narratives that carry profound significance. These stories mirror the intricacies of the mind, reflecting the complex tapestry of human experience. Your presence here is a testament to the support of the whole past, your very essence intertwined with the collective history of existence. Yet, despite this rich lineage, you have not yet explored the full spectrum of the mind’s absurdities.

Can one ever exhaust the infinite absurdities of the mind? This query has echoed through the annals of time. If you become aware, a single day can unveil the labyrinthine nature of the mind. Conversely, if you slumber in unawareness, countless lifetimes pass in vain. As you have been in the past, so you can be in the future, a choice lying within the depths of your consciousness. Awaken, my friend, and grasp the essence of existence, a journey that transcends epochs and echoes the wisdom of the ages.

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