Parvathy Nair Lodges Complaint with Women’s Commission and Issues Media Warning

Kollywood star Parvathy Nair, renowned for her roles in cinema and past modeling endeavors, has found herself entangled in allegations made by a man named Subhash Chandra Bose. Accused of historical mistreatment, Parvathy vehemently dismisses the claim as baseless and scandalous. Recently, she issued an official statement asserting her intent to take legal action against media entities disseminating malicious untruths about her.

Furthermore, the actress has taken steps to implore the National Commission of Women to ensure her rightful justice. In a statement delivered on Wednesday, Parvathy reiterated that the individual in question (referred to as Bose) is allegedly connected to previous incidents involving the theft of valuable electronic items from her premises. Parvathy revealed that Bose had served as a part-time assistant and caretaker for her pets. Despite harboring suspicions about his conduct, she had extended him the benefit of doubt.

Parvathy implied that Bose has been orchestrating a campaign of misinformation against her through various social media platforms. “I have initiated legal proceedings seeking both an injunction to prevent the propagation of false information and the removal of existing erroneous publications,” Parvathy declared. She emphasized her strict adherence to the law and highlighted the significant mental distress and anguish resulting from this episode.

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